10 Things To Get Rid Of TODAY!

Mar 3, 2021

Do you have too much stuff?

If we’re being honest with each other, you probably do… otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Either way… just know that there is absolutely no judgment on my end – I am just happy you’re here and hope you find this post helpful!  Whether you’re running low on cabinet real estate or you just want to get things a bit tidier, here are 10 things you can (and should) get rid of today!

1. Excess serving dishes

Not to state the obvious, but with our current pandemic climate, it doesn’t leave a lot of need for excess serving dishes. Regardless, we all have those platters, bowls, etc. that we registered for that have yet to be used. These items take up precious cabinet space and most likely end up just collecting dust. Take a few minutes to edit your collection of serving dishes and remember to keep your perspective realistic when it comes to your space, usage, and current taste.

2. Extra vases

It is amazing how quickly a vase collection can build up… all of sudden you have an entire cabinet full. Not only is this impractical, but it is simply a waste of space. Go through your collection and identify a few of  your favorite go-to vases for displaying flowers and donate the remaining!

3. Old spices

Spices are easy to forget about, but they expire just like your other food items! Check for any expired spices, and while you’re in there – comb through one more time to discard any multiples or those spices you no longer use. Keep in mind, old spices will start to lose their potency, so don’t be afraid to toss out the old and start fresh… you (and your tastebuds) will thank you!

4. Mismatched tupperware

It’s time to finally say goodbye to those food storage containers that have seen better days… you know the ones… warped, stained, missing a lid, and so on. If possible, try recycling them!

Pro Tip: When upgrading your collection, go for a uniform set to maximize storage!

5. Gimmicky gadgets

We all have them – those items that seemed like they would be the ultimate timesaver, but then you quickly realize they’re actually awkward to use, wash, or store. If you find yourself moving an item out of the way more than you actually use it, it’s time to pass it along!

6. Extra mugs

Mugs tend to be common offenders when it comes to a cluttered Kitchen. Go through your mug collection and be honest with yourself: how many mugs do you use in a day? One? Maybe two?… so you probably don’t need to store those 12 other mugs 🙃 . Remember to check the condition of each mug and get rid of any that are cracked or chipped. Pick out your favorite 2-3 mugs, and if needed – a few extra mugs for entertaining (we are talking like 3 mugs max)… Trust me I love mugs too, but you got this!

7. Restaurant condiments and disposable cutlery

Ok but seriously, you already own silverware, napkins and ketchup – right?! So why are you hanging on to all of those condiment packets and plastic forks? Store *one* extra disposable cutlery packet in your car for emergencies and ditch the rest!

Pro Tip: To stay ahead of the curve, ask restaurants to leave those items out of the bag when ordering takeout.

8. Reusable water bottles

I do love a good reusable water bottle. They’re a great way to help the environment and all, BUT these bottles aren’t doing your kitchen storage any favors. Many of us have excess bottles that just sit in our cabinet, but never actually get used. Comb through your collection and get rid of those that are missing straws or lids, and look to donate those that don’t fit in your car cup holder or the ones that never seem to keep your drink cold!

9. Cardboard packaging

Excess cardboard packaging takes up so much space in your pantry or cabinets and makes it much harder to take stock of grocery needs. An easy solution is to transfer your snacks and other staple items into labeled containers or canisters where foods will be more visible (and aesthetically pleasing). Read our post about decanting for tips and best practices!

10. Specialty food ingredients

We’re all guilty of buying that one specialty ingredient for a recipe and then never using it again. Do a quick look through of your cooking/baking supplies and get rid of those specialty items… get excited to finally reclaim that valuable storage space once and for all!

Who knew decluttering was this easy?! Trust me, if your home could talk, it would be thanking you right now 🙂

Happy Organizing!



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